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HELP - ADD CVD Online Search Basics


Searches can be performed utilizing single keywords, multiple keywords, phrases, and combinations of each. Note that keywords will also match parts of longer words.

Keyboard special characters (i.e. non-alphanumeric) such as the period (.), colon (:), semicolon (;), and comma (,) as standalone keywords are ignored during a search. If included as a character in a keyword, they are used as a part of the search match (for example the decimal and percent in 25.2%)

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are tools used to narrow your search results. They include AND, OR, and NOT.

Partial Word Matching

Correct Syntax


ADD CVD Search is designed to be accessible. Web pages that contain navigational icons and data tables can be interpreted and navigated with the aid of screen reader software (such as JAWS).

Adobe PDF Reader

Visit the Adobe web site to download the multi-page publication viewer for viewing pdf files. Adobe Reader links: Adobe Reader for computers or Adobe Reader for mobile devices.

CBP Privacy Policy

Visit the Customs and Border Protection web site for further information regarding the CBP privacy policy.

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